Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Manuka Honey

Anti-bacterial Properties of Honey

The therapeutic and medical benefits of honey have been used for centuries.  The Egyptians used honey for it’s anti-bacterial properties as early as 1550 BC.  The Bible references the” land of milk and honey” in Exodus 3:8 and John Baptist lived on Locust and Wild Honey in the wilderness (Matthew 3:4).
At a period of time in Ancient Rome, honey was even used to pay taxes.
Secret Antibacterial Factor in Manuka Honey
A new discovery in the 1980’s revealed that honey made from bees that feed on the Manuka Bush in New Zealand provides special antibacterial properties.  In 1981 Dr. Peter Molan, Senior Lecturer at the Biochemistry Department, Waikato University New Zealand, found higher antibacterial activity levels in Manuka Honey than regular honey. 

Regular honey vs. Manuka honey
Studies prove that all honey has hydrogen peroxide which is produced by an enzyme that is an antiseptic with antibacterial properties.  However, Active Manuka honey is different.  Active Manuka Honey has an additional existence of non-peroxide antibacterial activity.

Heat and light will destroy the enzyme that products hydrogen peroxide in regular honey.
Manuka Honey does not lose the non-peroxide antibacterial activity when heated or exposed to light.  Therefore, Manuka honey is stable and can be stored without losing it’s healing properties.

Manuka Honey Can Be Effective Both Internally and Externally.

Clinical studies have proven the efficacy of Manuka Honey and more are being done at the moment.  Eventually these studies will lead to the acceptance of Manuka honey as a respectable medicine.

Here are some examples for internal use:

Cold and flu symptoms – Stomach Relief – Diarrhea –Heartburn – Stomach Ulcers – Sore Throat – Acid Reflux –Gastritis – Eye infections – Peptic Ulcers – Irritable Bowel

Here are some examples for topical use:

Insect bites – Arthritis – Sunburn – Sores – Acne – Rashes – Burns- Herpes – Athletes foot – Diabetic wounds –Ringworm –Eczema - Boils
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